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Blackjack Rules - Learn How to Play Blackjack in 6 Easy Steps There are a few rules in blackjack that can vary slightly from casino to casino. Dealer Hits Soft 17 Generally, the dealer in blackjack must hit if he has a total of 16 or less, and stand if he has 17 or more. But at some games there is an exception when the dealer has a hand of "soft" 17. Blackjack - Wikipedia Each game has a rule about whether the dealer must hit or stand on soft 17, which is generally printed on the table surface. The variation where the dealer must hit soft 17 is abbreviated "H17" in blackjack literature, with "S17" used for the stand-on-soft-17 variation. Blackjack Strategy Chart: Dealer Hits on Soft 17 Blackjack Rules. The player has an edge if the casino dealer has to stand on soft 17. If the casino dealer gets to hit a soft 17 then we have some different decisions from most charts out there and they all involve the ace: Double 11 versus ace. 15 versus ace is surrender instead of hit. 17 versus ace is surrender instead of stand. Hit or Stand - Blackjack Rules and Strategy

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The object of blackjack is to beat the dealer. To beat the dealer the player must ... date blackjack rules for ... Dealer hits on soft 17-0.22%: Blackjack ... What are a blackjack dealer's options? - Board & Card ...

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Essential to take note of, is the fact that blackjack rules vary from one casino to the other and this may complicate learning blackjack. The player should check for local variations before playing. However, most correct blackjack rules are so fundamental that they bear no variations in various casinos. How to Play Blackjack – Key Blackjack Strategy to Improve ... Blackjack basic rules – Learn the aim of the game and get a step by step guide to playing. See how the betting works and improve your chances of winning. ... 16 and below - Dealer must hit on ... Yahoo! Blackjack - The Rules of Blackjack

When a dealer must hit in blackjack? That depends on the casino's house rules. Some do and …

Advanced blackjack rules. Land based casinos vs. online casinos. Double and re-split rules. Dealer hits soft 17.we’ll look at several advanced rule variations. These might not be of concern to beginning players but as you advance in blackjack expertise they’ll be...